Chatbot and NLP Basics
Practical Seminar

Chatbots – a buzzword which is often heard nowadays. But what exactly is a chatbot? A chatbot is a computer program which simulates a conversation via text or audio. They work like a search engine, scan data for keywords and answer with the most matching keywords. Some work with avatars to simulate a human conversation, others just take simple orders.

More and more companies use them in their daily communication with their customers and since the biggest tech companies, like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Apple focus on Artificial Intelligence, chatbots will get smarter.
People already started using them at home to delegate simple tasks, like asking for the weather report, playing specific songs or switching lights on and off. These digital assistants are in fact chatbots.

In our practical seminar we give you not only an introduction to the history and the basics of chatbots, but much more cover the technical aspects. You will learn to build your first chatbot with the most common programming languages.

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to chatbots, history and society
  • Chatbot Basics (Entities, Intents, Context, Responses)
  • Conversional software solutions (On Premise vs. SaaS)
  • Conversion flow modeling and Facebook prototype
  • Chatbot for business value generation (à Specialization Chatbot Business Benefits)
  • My first Chatbot (FAQ Bot)
  • Warmup: Python, Jupyter, Pandas
  • Understanding Natural Language (Stemming, Lemmatization, Bag of Words, etc.)
  • Building an AI-Chatbot with Tensorflow
  • Voice Assistant

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Target Audience

  • Companies which already use or are planning to use chatbots
  • People who work in the IT-sector or also in the marketing-sector and have a focus on IT
  • IT Manager


  • You should have a preference for IT and programming, basic knowledge of programming language is advantageous (ideally Python).

Your benefits

After this practical seminar you will know the actual chatbot technologies (both AI and not AI) and be able to build your own chatbot. This seminar shows you the operation area for chatbots in your business and which technical requirements you need for the implementation.

Your Technikum Wien Academy

  • Focused on you and your career
  • Great study environment and good work-study-balance
  • Hands-on knowledge related to your work
  • Exclusive education in small working groups

Degree & Fees

After the completion of the seminar you receive a confirmation of participation.

Fees for this seminar are € 1.440,00 (incl. VAT). The costs include papers, meals, drinks and the confirmation of participation. It has to be paid in advance.

Cooperation Partner

This seminar is carried out in cooperation with:

Seminar Leader


DI Dr. Felix Mödritscher

Head of Competence Center “AI & Data Analytics”, U.A.S. Techikum Wien
  • Expert in Data Science, Learning Analytics, E-Learning Technologies, High-Performance Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence
  • Lecturer, Data Enthusiast and Early AI Adopter
  • Project Manager and Senior Software Developer at Graz University of Technology and Vienna University of Economics & Business (9 years)
  • Lecturer at U.A.S. Technikum Wien, Vienna University of Economics & Business and U.A.S. Campus02 (9 years)
  • Senior Researcher at Vienna University of Economics & Business (5 years)
  • Doctorate in Computer Science (Adaptive E-Learning)
  • Diploma in Computer Technics (Knowledge Management, Web Applications)
  • Certificate in “Academics Didactics”

DI DI Dr. techn. Andreas S. Rath

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder, ONDEWO GmbH
  • Expert in Artificial Intelligence
  • Visionary, coach and problem solver
  • Senior Project Manager at Digital McKinsey (5,5y.)
  • Senior Software Developer and Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at Know-Center GmbH (4y.)
  • Doctorate in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Diploma in Technical Mathematics (Algorithm Design and Semantic Web)
  • Diploma Software Development and Economics (Software Engineering)(All degrees from Graz University of Technology, Austria)