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Die FH Technikum Wien ist Österreichs einzige rein technische Fachhochschule. Das Ausbildungsangebot umfasst 13 Bachelor- und 17 Master-Studiengänge, die in Vollzeit-, oder berufsbegleitend und/oder als Fernstudium angeboten werden.

FH Technikum Wien Alumni Club

FH Technikum Wien Alumni Club

Der Technikum Wien Alumni Club vernetzt unsere AbsolventInnen, Studierenden und Lehrenden und bietet ihnen zahlreiche Vorteile.

Radio Technikum

Radio Technikum

Radio Technikum ist das neue Wissensradio für Wissenschaft, Bildung und Information im Digitalradiostandard DAB+

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Given the rapid pace in technology and new challenges in the home job market as well as outside, willingness to engage in lifelong learning has become an absolute must. Therefore, a continuous and goal-oriented lifelong educational process has become the basic prerequisite in order to succeed in the job market.

Technikum Wien Academy, its competences

The Technikum Wien Academy is a 100% affiliate of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. It operates in the free market, offering its know-how, which has been accumulated over 20 years.

Close interaction with business and the industry ensures an application-oriented content. Instructors are recruited from the teaching and research staff of UAS Technikum Wien as well as from external co-operation partners with a longstanding experience.

Technikum Wien Academy’s educational policy

The Technikum Wien Academy’s educational policy focuses on pre college programs, post-graduate programs, certificate programs and seminars in the technical field, in management and personal development, all specifically tailored to the needs of people in the technical profession or related to the technical profession.

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The following portfolio is being offered

International Courses:

Post-graduate Programs:
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Certificate Programs:
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Please contact our colleagues for details:

In English:

Claudia Permesser
T: +43 1 333 40 77-632
E:  claudia.permesser@technikum-wien.at

In Portuguese:

Carla Guerra
Assistant & Customer Service
T: +43 1 333 40 77-622
M: +43 664 88 34 81 90
E: carla.guerra@technikum-wien.at

In Spanish:

Peter Leyhr, BA
Head of Sales & Marketing
M: +43 664 88348180
E:   peter.leyhr@technikum-wien.at

Mag. Birgit Hubmaier
Assistant Pre College Program
T: +43 1 333 40 77-634
E: birgit.hubmaier@technikum-wien.at