The Pre College Program (briefly PCP) and the Pre College Program Extended (briefly PCP ex) are designed as preparatory courses for international students intending to take the admission test for UAS Technikum Wien or embark on a course of study in Austria.

The programs offer the possibility for students all over the world to acquire necessary entrance requirement competences to apply for Bachelor and Master Studies at UAS Technikum Wien in Vienna or other Austrian universities according to their admission requirements.

UAS Technikum Wien is Austria´s largest purely technical University of Applied Sciences and owns a wide range of Bachelor and Master Programs in following faculties:

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Life Science Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

Knowledge is transferred through a combination of theory and application in an active learning environment. Acquired knowledge is solidified using practical examples.

After the completion of the PCP and PCP ex it is possible to immediately begin participating in the standard application process for a Bachelor´s or Master´s program. Completing the PCP does not guarantee admittance to the study programs of UAS Technikum Wien.

Hard Facts:


Language of Instruction

Pre College Program (1 year): 7.900,-
Pre College Program Extended (1,5 years): 10.000,-
Pre College Program Extended (2 years): 12.500,- 

PCP: 2 Semester
PCP ex: 3 or 4 Semester

1 or 2 years: October
1,5  years: February


Next Steps:

Our Program

Target Group

International students who are interested in studies in technical fields and need to take supplementary courses to apply for one of UAS Technikum Wien´s Bachelor or Master Programs. Students who want to improve their German and English skills for a Bachelor or Master Program are warmly welcomed.

Students who have already gained some German language skills, we recommend our one-year program at UAS Technikum Wien. Students without any German language skills we strongly recommend our Pre College Program extended, lasting four semesters.

Plan of Teaching

First Semester - PCP

German, English and Mathematic classes including tutorials in all subjects and accompanied with working experience in labs

Second Semester - PCP

erman, Physics, Computer Science, Biology and Electrical Engineering including tutorials in all subjects and accompanied with working experience in labs

Third Semester - PCP Extended

German, English and Mathematic classes including tutorials in all subjects and accompanied with working experience in labs

Fourth Semester - PCP Extended

German, Physics, Computer Science, Biology and Electrical Engineering including tutorials in all subjects and accompanied with working experience in labs

Teaching Content

The courses of the Pre College Program and Pre College Program Extended are designed to convey a solid knowledge of German and English Language as well as to give insight in mathematical, physical or technical fields including special training in Technical German and English skills.

The Pre College Program, lasting 2 semesters, efficiently prepares students with some prior German-language skills for a course of studies in Austria, increasing their technical knowledge to first-semester level and boosting their German-language skills to level B2.

The extended-version, lasting 4 semesters, is offered for international students who have little or none German language skills.

To cover the goals tutorials accompany all language courses for practical language use and all natural-scientific courses like Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Biology and Computer Science. The technical courses are taught in a dual mode: the students learn technical language skills together with practical use by working in laboratories.

Admission Requirements
Pre College Program / Pre College Program extended

Step 1:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Motivation Letter and CV in German or English
  • Valid upper secondary school leaving certificate
  • Proven competence in German A2 (in exceptional cases: can be acquired during PCP)
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Originals and translations of all documents into German or English certified by a notary
  • Original German and/or English documents are accepted
  • Valid visa for Austria before the start of the program

Step 2:

  • Entrance Examination
  • Personal Interview via Skype
  • Written Tests Mathematics, Physics
  • Written and oral Tests German, English

After the completion of the PCP all necessary requirements for admission to a Bachelor Program at an Austrian Institution of Higher Education must be fulfilled. For details please refer to OeAD In certain cases supplementary examinations have to be taken. At the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien these supplementary examinations are taken as part of the Pre College Program.

Your Advantages in Austria

  • Intensive level of language and specialist education
  • Additional qualification by acquiring an internationally recognized language certificate
  • The best way to prepare for the admission process and the course of study
  • “Accompanied” familiarization with Austrian culture – support during the “acclimatization phase” in Vienna and during completion of all necessary formalities
  • Social Activities (Schönbrunn, Wachau, …)
  • Students have the possibility to meet people and to forge friendships / build student network

Your Technikum Wien Academy

  • Location: Vienna
    • One of the safest cities with the highest level of living standard in the world
    • Well-developed public transport system
    • Centre of music, culture, history, technology and science over centuries
  • Number 1 University of Applied Sciences with a Technical focus in Austria
  • Largest technical University of Applied Sciences in Austria
  • Experienced in welcoming international students

Program Director

FH-Prof. Ing. Mag. Dr. Gerd Krizek

+43 1 333 40 77 – 511
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Administration Assistent

Administration Assistant

Mag. Christina Karafiat-Seitz

+43 1 333 40 77 – 5554
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