Technikum Wien Academy has many years of experience in life-long learning. As an advanced training institution belonging to the renowned University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, it continuously and dynamically develops updated advanced training formats for companies and professionals. Below you will find an overview of interesting programs that are currently on offer at Technikum Wien Academy.

Why Artificial Intelligence & Data Science?
Nowadays, processes, companies, and even people generate significant volumes of data which could be used to understand the relations between different entities. The challenge to achieve this goal is that Data Science – the enabler of AI – is not a problem limited to a single domain. Furthermore, Data Science and AI is a combination of Computer Science, Statistics and the Application Domain. If the model is established and the relations between the data are understood, Data Science becomes a powerful tool to gain deeper insights into the investigated areas.

Learning Outcomes
Understand the basic tasks and requirements of data scientists and data engineers. Specific supervised machine-learning (ML) algorithms like classification, regression trees, and neural networks as well as unsupervised machine-learning algorithms (e.g. clustering) will be addressed in an interactive and hands-on workshop setting. Artificial intelligence topics as well as a predictive maintenance case study will round off the workshop and provide an introduction to the world of AI and Data Science.

DEGREE: Certified Data Scientist
DURATION: 4 days
LOCATION: Vienna or any other city of your choice 

Why Blockchain?
Blockchain is one of the key technologies with the potential to fundamentally change our economy and society in light of digitization. Although some aspects of blockchain technology are still in the experimental stages, its technological advances are making the disruptive potential of blockchain in the future increasingly clear. It is paving the way to a networked world in which people and machines do not simply exchange information, but rather are able to work together beyond today’s conventional confidence limits.

Learning Outcomes
You will gain a sound understanding of how blockchain works and its potential, as well as an overview of the diversity of cryptocurrencies, wallets, marketplaces, and investment and financial opportunities. Once you have studied industry-specific blockchain applications in more depth, you will be able to identify the specific general conditions and potential applications of blockchain in energy and utilities, healthcare, supply chain & manufacturing, and banking & insurance, and even launch projects centered in these fields.

We provide four different blockchain programs:

PROGRAM: Blockchain Fundamentals
DEGREE: Blockchain Fundamentals Certificate
DURATION: 2 days

PROGRAM: Blockchain Cryptoeconomy & Regulation
DEGREE: Blockchain Cryptoeconomy & Regulation Certificate
DURATION: 2 days

PROGRAM: Industry-Specific Blockchain Applications
DEGREE: Industry-Specific Blockchain Applications Certificate
DURATION: 4 days

PROGRAM: Blockchain Technology & Applications Development
DEGREE: Blockchain Technology & Applications Development Certificate
DURATION: 7 days

LOCATION: Vienna or any other city of your choice 

Why Requirements Engineering?
Whenever problems arise with projects these days, the cause is frequently the inadequate definition of requirements. IREB has identified this problem and strives to resolve it by implementing an international standard for requirements engineering. Acquiring basic knowledge in requirement engineering – in specific requirements elicitation, documentation and validation. One main challenge is to identify the real needs of customers and document them in a traceable manner.


Learning Outcomes
The certification as an IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering certifies that the holder is an expert in Requirements Engineering. Having this qualification, the engineer knows how to identify and specify requirements and how to perform effective requirements analyses. They are also familiar with the key methods and processes of requirements engineering. As such, the certification is evidence of the engineer’s expertise in requirements engineering for customers and employers. With the international syllabus, this program can now be taught and certified on the same level – globally.

DEGREE: Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
DURATION: 4 days
LOCATION: Vienna or any other city of your choice 

Why Usability & User Experience?
Acquiring basic knowledge will assure that fundamental insights into human patterns (e.g. perception, mental models, handling of errors) as well as the techniques required for the development of interactive systems (e.g. styles of interaction, modeling methods, dialog development) are acquired. Standards and norms as well as style guides are also included.

Learning Outcomes
These days, usability is a critical factor in the development and design of software and Internet applications. Quite often, functionality is included in software that cannot be used or used properly because the feature is either too complicated or because the user is unable to find it.

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), usability is defined as the extent to which a product can be used by certain users in order to attain certain goals effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily in a specific usage context. Consequently, the suitability for certain uses and hence the compatibility of a system within the context of usage is defined in a specific user context.

DEGREE: Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Engineering
DURATION: 3 days
LOCATION: Vienna or any other city of your choice 

Why Growth Hacking?
Growth hacking is a methodology and data-driven process of rapid experimentation with your product and across all marketing channels. It goes far beyond customer acquisition by exploring and testing growth strategies along the whole funnel of a business.

Once a scalable growth tactic has been identified, a growth hacker aims to automate the process as much as possible to free up more resources for further experiments. The combination of creative marketing, automation and engineering, and data and experiments guarantees a growth strategy that impresses customers and relies on data rather than gut feeling.

Learning Outcomes
The Advanced Certified Growth Hacker program provides you with all the essentials, tools, and frameworks to get started as a junior growth hacker or bring your marketing game to the next level.

  • What growth hacking really is and the process behind it.
  • The most important tools and frameworks to dive right in.
  • Success stories from different industries.
  • How to collect and analyze data.
  • How to test and identify performant organic as well as paid channels.
  • How to create and distribute content your customers will love.
  • How to create viral loops.
  • How to track and optimize your customers’ journeys to optimize for conversion.
  • How to create designs and a smooth user experience.

How to automate your marketing efforts for maximum efficiency.

DEGREE: Certified Growth Hacker
DURATION: 9 days
LOCATION: Vienna or any other city of your choice 

Why Agile Project Management?
Over the last decade, projects have been growing more complex, and shorter realization cycles force project teams to respond to changes more quickly. Agile approaches describe a set of ideas and practices for keeping in touch with stakeholders in order to identify and address their needs earlier to ensure that changes to requirements during the project are recognized and integrated into the project output to ensure that the result of the project provides the best customer experience.

Learning Outcomes
The course provides an in-depth understanding of the necessity and benefits of agile approaches in comparison to sequential and iterative project management approaches. A brief understanding of how to handle changes during the project lifecycle will also be communicated and will enable the participant to use SCRUM© and KANBAN© in their daily work.

DEGREE: Confirmation of participation
DURATION: 4 days
LOCATION: Vienna or any other city of your choice 

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