UX Strategy Workshop with the Author Jaime Levy


Friday, May 3
9:30am – 5:30pm CEST

Ebene 3

UX Strategy workshop geared for UX practitioners & product teams


FH Technikum Wien
Höchstädtplatz 6
1200 Vienna

We are proud to host an exclusive UX workshop with the author Jaime Levy geared for UX practitioners & product teams.

UX strategy (aka Design Strategy or Product Strategy) is the process that should be started first before the design or development of a digital product begins. It’s the vision of a solution that needs to be validated with real potential customers to prove that it’s desired in the marketplace. It relies on empirical, lightweight tactics that quickly move you and your team in the right direction.

Whether you are a product/UX designer, product manager/owner, entrepreneur, or part of an innovation team, this workshop offers an impactful way to quickly get up-to-speed on the practice of UX/product strategy techniques for devising innovative digital products and services.

Your tickets include the book (42€ value), lunch and drinks/snacks throughout the day!

Jaime Levy, author of the best seller UX Strategy (4,8/5 Amazon)will conduct this comprehensive workshop offering participants a high-level overview of the methodology along with hands-on experience of how to conduct the techniques. Participants will leave with the confidence to immediately apply what they have learned to their own project initiatives.

Workshop agenda:

  • Introductions/Kick-off
  • The Four Tenets of UX Strategy. Discovery Phase: Best Practices
  • Conducting Customer Discovery Interviews for Defining Value Propositions
  • Conducting Competitive Research, Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Storyboarding the Value Innovation for Rapid Prototyping

You will learn:

  • Why an empirical practice of user experience strategy is crucial for devising successful online products and services
  • How to define and validate your target users through provisional personas and customer discovery techniques
  • How to identify direct and indirect digital competitors of a value proposition
  • How to conduct competitive research and analysis to explore a crowded marketplace for an opportunity to create unique value
  • How to focus your team on the primary utility and business model of a product by using storyboards as blueprints for prototyping

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite. Early-bird and group discounts are available.


What else comes with this workshop?

You will get a complimentary hardcopy of the 2nd edition of UX Strategy in either German or English. It will be waiting for you at the workshop! You can even get Jaime to autograph it!

Will this event be conducted in English or German?

It will be in English although Jaime is studying German at the Volkshochschule. :->

Do I need any equipment?

Having a laptop is highly recommended, but not required. You can work in teams of two on the exercises that require a laptop.

What about lunch and refreshments?

We’ll provide lunch and plenty of coffee and refreshments before the workshop starts and during the mid-session breaks.

About Jaime Levy

Jaime Levy is an author and a pioneer in the creation of innovative digital products and services. The second edition of her best-selling O’Reilly Media book is called UX Strategy: Product Strategy Techniques for Devising Innovative Digital Solutions. The book presents a solid framework on the practice, which lies at the intersection of product design and business strategy.

She runs her own UX/product strategy consultancy JaimeLevy.com based in Los Angeles and Berlin. Jaime has worked for Fortune 500 companies and award-winning agencies, leading the UX on projects in the entertainment, healthcare, finance, and technology sectors.

Jaime has also taught product design and strategy courses and lectured at universities including the University of Southern California, New York University, Claremont Graduate University, Royal College of Art, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, and the University of Oxford.

Workshop Testimonials

I just had a job interview with a bank and they asked me about my product strategy knowledge. They were clearly impressed when I spoke about what I learned from your book and the workshop. – Kimberly Clark

Energy and passion of Jaime are great, she has shown us how to build a UX strategy with relatively simple methods, a well-organized workshop. I recommend it! – Jill DaSilva