Certified Growth Hacker –
Data Driven Marketing

Growth Hacking is a methodology and data-driven process of rapid experimentation with your product and across all marketing channels. It goes far beyond customer acquisition by exploring and testing growth strategies along the whole funnel of a business.

Once a scalable growth tactic is identified a growth hacker aims to automate the process as much as possible to free up more resources for further experiments. The combination of creative marketing, automation & engineering, as well as data & experiments assure a growth strategy that captivates customers and relies on data rather than gut feeling.

The Certified Growth Hacker program provides you with all the essentials, tools and frameworks to get started as a junior growth hacker or bring your marketing game to the next level.

Once you completed all 9 seminars and passed the exam you can call yourself a Certified Growth Hacker.


  • What Growth hacking really is and the process behind it
  • The most important tools and frameworks to dive right in
  • Success cases from different industries
  • How to collect data and analyze it
  • How to test and identify performant organic as well as paid channels
  • How to create and distribute content your customers will love
  • How to create viral loops
  • How to track and optimize your customers’ journeys to optimize for conversion
  • How to create designs and a smooth user experience
  • How to automate your marketing efforts for maximum efficiency

Hard Facts:



3.200,- excl. VAT
(3.840,– incl. VAT)

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Next Start

9-18 Uhr

Certified Growth Hacker
Confirmation of participation

Next Steps:


Seminar 1Growth Hacking Foundation LevelFri06.03.202009.00 – 18.00Adrian Zettl-Singh
Seminar 2Data Collection & AnalysisFri13.03.202009.00 – 18.00Melanie Vollert
Seminar 3Introduction to Coding for Growth HackersFri20.03.202009.00 – 18.00Bernhard Wendt
Seminar 4Organic Acquisition & SEOFri27.03.202009.00 – 18.00Bernhard Wendt
Seminar 5Performance Marketing & Paid AcquisitionFri03.04.202009.00 – 18.00Melanie Vollert
Seminar 6Content & Viral MarketingFri17.04.202009.00 – 18.00Miriam Boubachta
Seminar 7Conversion Rate Optimization & Customer JourneysFri24.04.202009.00 – 18.00Alper Kurt
Seminar 8Design & UX for Growth HackersFri08.05.202009.00 – 18.00Natalie Korotaeva
Seminar 9Marketing AutomationFri15.05.202009.00 – 18.00Leander C. Seidl

Target Audience

  • Marketing Managers
  • Business Developers
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Solid understanding of general digital marketing concepts and channels

Your benefits

This seminar is held in cooperation with the industry experts of TheVentury who make sure you get a great overview as well as actionable insights you can apply right away.

Your Technikum Wien Academy

  • Focused on you and your career
  • Great study environment and good work-study-balance
  • Hands-on knowledge related to your work
  • Exclusive education in small working groups

Degree & Fees

After the completion of the seminar you receive a confirmation of participation. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive the certificate as Growth hacking Developer.

For the final certification you will have to pass a multiple choice test and write a seminar paper. The test will take place on the last day of the seminar. In the seminar paper you will have to create a growth strategy and a plan for a case of your choice.

Fees for this certificate are € 3.200 (excl. VAT). The costs include papers, meals, drinks, the confirmation of participation and one examination attempt. It has to be paid in advance.

Cooperation Partner

Seminar Facilitator

Adrian Zettl-Singh

Founding Partner & Head of Growth – The Ventury


Data Collection & Analysis

Melanie Vollert

Growth Marketer at TheVentury

Organic Acquisition & SEO

Bernhard Wendt

Technical Marketing Manager at Luke Roberts Lighting

Content & Viral Marketing

Miriam Boubachta

Growth Marketer & Innovation Consultant at TheVentury

Conversion Rate Optimization & Customer Journeys

Alper Kurt

Growth Marketer at TheVentury

Design & UX for Growth Hackers

Natalie Korotaeva

UX/UI Designer at Gerorge Labs

Marketing Automation

Leander C. Seidl

Head of Growth at Midnight Deal GmbH